Monday, 3 December 2018

Why Alone Time Is Important

Alone time is essential for everyone no matter how socially butterfly that person is. Let's be honest, during every day interaction with friends, colleagues, family members or even random person are kinda tiring and energy taking. Especially if you are someone with sensitive heart, you kind of absorb their energy including the negative one which pretty much influence your whole mood and eventually drain your energy. 

Some people might not understand the importance if giving personal space to others. Especially when we are in a relationship, or friendship, there might be someone who is a little bit territorial or "possessive". They demand for your time a little too much and get upset when you can't meet their expectation. They are actually lack of sensitivity towards other people's privacy. I mean, yeah we can't expect everyone to understand it, and some people might never get it. So, you should know how to explain it in the right way to them. 

Obviously there are too many reasons why everyone deserve to have their alone time. One of the obvious reasons is people need to "recharge" their power. In order to stay productive and charismatic, one needs to stay energetic, mentally and physically. And I feel like everyone needs to feel like they own themselves, by means of freedom to do their own stuffs without obligation or other people's approval and what not. In a simpler word, nobody owns anyone else.

And commonly people mistakenly think that alone time is similar to "silent treatment" and get super anxious and uncomfortable with the silence. Well, to be honest, I did think it that way, until I realize that I shouldn't expect everything to be in my way, and to get upset when things not up to my expectation is plainly stupid. But like I emphasized in my previous post, try to think of others, observe and understand their actions. And once you understand their pattern, you won't get upset for the same reason the next time. They might be just tired and wanna have some good rest, so have some respect, give them space and time. I can guarantee, once their energy restored, they'll run back to you, faster if not tighter. 

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